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Peevish's twenty-first performance, August 14th, 2003.
411, Portland, Oregon.


Fanfare for Nicky
Craig - clarinet
Wilson - recorder
Shane - bongos

O Nicky
Nicky Rose - Video/TV
Nicky appears via video in his legendary recording

Your Words are See-saws
Wilson - moderator, MC-202 synth
Craig - supporting the proposition, clarinet
Shane - opposing the proposition, recorder
A musical debate

My Notepad Got Bigger
Craig, Shane, Wilson - flutey toys, whistling

That Screaming Incredible
Shane, Craig, Wilson- vocals, words, pillow cases, movement
Nicky Rose - video appearance
pillow case heads...

The Life of Cardboard
Shane - baritone sax
Spencer - vocals
Wilson - electronics

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